TC Hot Water is known as hot water experts although we also provide Electrical maintenance services in Sydney.

Do you need?

  • to install a new electric hot water system
  • to install a new switchboard
  • to install new powerpoints
  • to find an electrical fault in your residence
  • to repair light fixtures or lights
  • to test / repair a powerpoint
  • to repair a switchboard

Electrical Meter Electrical Switchboard 

TC Hot Water & Plumbing can solve your problems and properly install the correct hot water system for your needs. Our licensed technicians are available with 24/7 Emergency Hot Water Service and offer Sydney-wide service. TC Hot Water & Plumbing has been servicing Sydney’s residential and commercial premises for years which has earned us a reputation for efficient and reliable, emergency hot water repairs.

We are a family owned and operated company who specialises in the supply and installation of all makes and models of Hot Water Systems. We are not a franchise so you don’t pay those extra fees! We strive to give you that extra special service with the most dependable and reliable hot water and plumbing services.

There have been many technological advances in our modern day society which has helped make our lives become easier. Human innovation and improvements in hygienic living has meant that we all are fortunate enough to have the immediate convenience and luxury of hot water. Our modern lifestyles are built around it and when it’s not available, it becomes incredibly inconvenient and needs to be solved efficiently and with as little fuss as possible.

Most times, your hot water system will play up, burst or leak without any warning signs at a moments notice. You’re then left frantically running around trying to get the problem fixed asap. You ring your local plumber and they generally replace your hot water system with the same one. Afterwards, you’re left with a hefty bill and wondering whether or not you wanted to install the same type of hot water system you’ve been putting up with for years.

At TC Hot Water & Plumbing, we are driven by a customer focused attitude and will always provide you with efficient, cost-effective options. Whether or not you want to upgrade or downgrade your existing hot water system or even if you wanted to relocate it to a different position. Every household is different and our trained technicians will provide you with advice and assistance in meeting your needs.